Choosing a Saskatoon REALTOR can be a difficult task! Knowing what to ask, knowing when to use a referral from a friend or an internet search can be the hardest parts.

Sometimes a “name” isn’t enough. Big, busy realtors may or may not be the right choice for you. As a buyer or a seller the number one thing you need to feel when choosing who to work with is trust.

A realtor is a professional you are contracting to assist you, represent you, and to protect you.

Someone truly focused on their clients will ask you a lot of questions about what YOUR needs are. They won’t focus on them or selling you on what they can do. It should be a mutual relationship that respects everyone’s time, energy and expertise.

As a trained professional it is the realtors job to make sure you as the seller OR as the buyer are protected.

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As the client is is your responsibility to ensure that you understand all facets of the contract you are entering into as well as be clear in expressing your expectations. When listing a home many real estate contracts prohibit you from terminating the contract early to list with someone else. Doing so could leave you with significant obligations and liabilities.

Knowing what the fees and percentages you are paying the realtor, and how two realtors (one representing the buyer; the other the seller) affects your situation, is also important. It can make a significant impact on your purchase or selling price.

Being well versed in what your obligations are, and what your agents are, is also important.

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