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Home staging is about emphasizing the features of your home to increase its appeal to buyers.  It is easy to tidy up and hope for the best, but more often than not people lapse into a certain comfort level with their homes.  Knickknacks start to pile up and sometimes decor hasn’t been updated in several years. Sometimes bedrooms are overlooked when sellers are staging their homes.  Before you put your home on the market, consider the following home staging tips for bedrooms.

Blinds and Drapes
If you have washable plastic, metal or vinyl blinds, cleaning them can greatly improve their appearance.  Remove the blinds and wash them outside or in the bathtub with an appropriate manufacturer approved cleaner.  If you cannot remove the blinds, work from the top down and rinse them with a clean damp cloth. Alternatively, you could hire a professional cleaning company to remove the blinds, clean them and then re-hang them. If you have cloth drapery, consider a professional company that offers a guarantee on their services.  If not cleaned properly clothe window treatments can shrink, warp, or discolour.

Cleaning carpets will significantly improve their appearance. It can remove dust, pet dander or odours that you may not have noticed but prospective buyers might.  You can rent a carpet cleaning machine, but this option could possibly leave too much moisture in the carpet and underlay which could lead to the growth of mould or cause your underlay to rot – yikes! Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is a great option and you can often find coupons online.

Hardwood Floors
If your floors are significantly scratched up or dull, discuss with your REALTOR® if there is a significant benefit in having them refinished.

If you have hardwood or laminate flooring, consider adding an area rug to make the room feel cozier.  There are a wide variety of choices to suit your decor.

Deciding on a paint colour can be tricky, your best bet is to stick with a neutral shade and add brighter colours as accents throughout the room.  Some potential buyers may be put off by a bold wall colour or accent wall.

Accent pillows on a bed convey comfort and can cost as little as $20 each.  They can help to compliment your room’s decor, especially since they come in a wide variety of colours, textures and patterns.

Consider the difference between these two quilts in a guest bedroom: a bright red and blue Spiderman design or a simple solid duvet with a matching skirt.  Quick simple updates can make a tremendous difference!

Scented candles may be unpleasant to some prospective buyers.  If you’re going to place candles around the room ensure they are unscented.  Groupings of battery operated candles are an attractive way to add warm, soft light without the risk of fire.

Poster collections, paintings and drawings displayed in your home may appeal to your artistic side, but keep in mind this may look cluttered to a potential buyer.  Display a few of your favourite pieces. Strategically placed shelves are a trendy way to display artwork, photographs, vases and candles. You could also consider purchasing an inexpensive print to use as a focal point in the room.

Children’s Bedrooms
It’s important to make a child’s bedroom somewhat “adult friendly” as not all buyers have children.  It may be difficult for them to envision an office or guest room when there are frilly curtains or a jungle mural painted on the wall.  Since you will be moving away, consider repainting the room a neutral colour. Donate any toys or items your child has grown out of and tuck the rest away during showings.

Remove Clutter
Clutter distracts from a space.  It can also make it more difficult for buyers to picture themselves living there.  You want to encourage the show home feeling – orderly, well furnished, and accessorized.

We don’t all have access to a team of style professionals to show up and revamp our homes before listing, but instead, these simple tips can help stage your home to prospective buyers.  I have a professional design background. I do assist my clients in using the items and furniture they have to help stage their home and give them complimentary staging advice.

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