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A clean house gives potential buyers the impression that the whole house is well maintained. That first impression is an important factor for selling your home.

Most sellers know that a tidy home can help their home sell faster but ‘clean” is a relative term. What one person finds acceptable could send another running for the door. Real estate agents have seen it all: ring around the bathtub, sinks full of dirty dishes, living rooms littered with toys, dust bunnies under or behind furniture…

There are three main incentives to keeping your house in perfect showing condition: your home will sell faster, you may get more money for it and by removing clutter, and you allow people to focus on any improvements you’ve made to your home.

Prior to showing your home or putting it on the market, take note of items you have in your home. Do you have piles of out-dated catalogues or magazines you haven’t finished? Is your closet overflowing with clothes you hope to come back in style? Do you trip over shoes every time you walk through the door? Pack up anything you don’t use on a regular basis; give away whatever you haven’t used or worn in the last five years. Aim for the uncluttered look of a hotel room.

Pets should be removed from the home or in kennels during showings for everyone’s safety and comfort. Ensure litter boxes are changed and cleaned daily. Cat odour can alarm prospective buyers since people may worry that the odour will be permanent. If possible, open windows shortly before a showing and when removing pets from the home, take with you all other items associated with them.

Fresh paint on the exterior of your home can also do wonders. If painting your entire home is prohibitively expensive, consider making small updates such as painting the window frames a contrasting colour (ex. white against a dark brown) or just touching up rough spots. The yard is another outdoor area that can be overlooked by homeowners, but it is one of the first things prospective buyers will see. In the colder months, ensure your driveway and walkways are free of snow and ice. In the summer, keep the lawn and bushes trimmed. Even if you are not much of a gardener, make a quick trip to the garden centre and choose flowers in only two or three colours to create a sense of uniformity in your garden or flower bed. Attractive flowerpots on windowsills can also be a nice touch, depending on the style of home.

Don’t forget about the garage! Some buyers feel the garage reflects the general maintenance of the entire property. If your garage is your local storage unit until moving day, consider stacking your boxes/items neatly along one wall.

Once these tasks are completed, it’s important to maintain the neatness of your home daily, inside and out, as showings tend to take place on short notice. If you start with and maintain a clean home, it’s much easier to allow showings on short notice. 

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