Time and again, I have always expressed my love and passion for real estate. I have sold real estate since 2004 in Saskatoon area before moving to Warman in 2006. Since then, I have proven that relocating to Warman has been a great choice for me because I love living and raising my family in this city and I have sold hundreds of homes in the community over the years. Being a top producing realtor locally in Warman and winning the Warman and Martensville Chamber of Commerce Marketing award is something I am very proud of.

In 2012, I partnered with Westbow Construction and have been working with them in building and recruiting people to this great place.

Why I choose Westbow? 

There’s something brilliant about working together in partnership and building a great working relationship. For me, the success of many businesses is reflected on the kind of relationships and partnerships they have.

A successful partnership brings in fresh (and sometimes crazy) ideas, exciting vibe, and that easy get-it-all done feel even when times are challenging. The energy is contagious that it affects the results and provides winning solutions for the business.

That’s how I describe my relationship with Westbow and I am blessed with an amazing team I work with. Truly, another awesome choice.

I take pride in teaming up with Westbow Construction, a formidable company in the business and a trusted brand in building remarkable homes since 1977 in Western Canada and over 10 years in Saskatchewan. Westbow Saskatchewan has a plethora of knowledge, extensive experience, and deep roots in the community. Westbow “strives to continue the legacy of being a family-owned and operated developer, building dream homes for customers in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.”

Why I choose Warman?

My family means a lot to me. I enjoy being with them whether on big days or even on lazy, chill days. I love going and creating family gatherings because I always want to catch up and see them have a good time. With all that, I am truly convinced that Warman is just the right place for us. It’s got all that I need and more!

Warman is the “fastest-growing City in Saskatchewan since 2012” and Statistics Canada has just unveiled the 2021 Census on Warman. Amazing growth for this city!

Here’s data coming from the official Facebook site of Warman City Hall (www.facebook.com/WarmanCityHall):

From 2016-21:

  • Warman saw a 12.7 percent growth rate; over three percent higher than the second-fastest growing city in Saskatchewan (Martensville: 9.3 percent).
  • Warman welcomed 1399 new residents; our population rose from 11,020 to 12,419.
  • Warman is now the eighth-largest city in Saskatchewan.

It’s no surprise that people are seeing the value and the advantage of living, investing, and working in this wonderful city of Warman.

I have been blessed with amazing opportunities and choices. I encourage you to make yours by looking us up for more info. If you want to know more about how a city life here would be, please check out https://www.warman.ca/

For your modern, stylish, and dependable home, Westbow Construction is the best choice for you. https://westbowsask.ca/

For inquiries on the latest listings or consultation on anything real estate, feel free to contact me at https://marlajanzen.com/ and through my number 306.341.3699.

Hope to work with you here in Warman soon!