When you’re in the groove, time flies so fast. That’s what I’m feeling right now. I’m so thrilled because I’m into my 2nd year with eXp and a lot has happened to me, to my career, and my family since then.

November 1st is my second year with eXp Realty. This truly has been one of my greatest decisions yet! From being a consistent production leader in Saskatchewan from then on, eXp Realty has supported me to beautifully grow where I was planted, career-wise and as an individual, in the field which I love the most – real estate.

Two years with this dynamic enterprise and I still couldn’t believe that I was able to bag the most coveted ICON Award twice! This is an award reserved to highlight eXp agents who reach exceptional sales volume and exemplify the company’s core values.

I love working with this trend-setting company and it has changed my whole business and outlook in this amazing industry. 67,000 agents strong and growing every week.

I’m secured at the fact that eXp prioritizes and takes good care of its agents. In addition to eXp’s state-of-the-art technology, eXp has committed to rewarding its agents for their hard work and expertise by offering a highly competitive compensation package, a global community of agents who collaborate, countless hours of free classes and training, and healthcare solutions. This is why it’s not only I who benefit from these but ultimately, my family and our future. Thank you for the 2 years and looking forward to more years of strong partnership, eXp Realty!

Joining eXp means the world is your oyster, literally. eXp is not a franchise — it’s one big brokerage. Therefore, there’s no such thing as “territory.” That means you can expand partnerships to other areas, regions, cities, states, and even countries without red tape, additional costs, or obstacles. “This program allows some of the most talented and entrepreneurial professionals in the industry and in their marketplaces, to build an ownership stake in EXPI in a very significant way,” said President, Jason Gesing. At eXp, the walls are down and the borders are open.

If you want to learn more about why I made the move and my experience here I am always happy to chat.