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Marla Janzen Shares Important Ice damming Information

What is ice damming?

Snow melts on the warm roof and then freezes on cold eaves. Then the Ice accumulates along the eaves, forming a dam. Melting water from the warm roof backs up behind it, flows under the shingles, and into the house causing damage. SGI ice damming damage claims are already at $190,000 for this year and in 2013 there was 21 million dollars in claims!

Ice dams, however lovely they may sound, are ice mounds around the edge of your roof created when melting snow can’t drip into gutters, through downspouts, and away from your house. If any of those exits are blocked with leaves or ice, then water stays on your roof and continually melts and freezes, causing dams that push water under eaves and into your home.

Adequate and properly installed insulation helps prevent ice damming; so does making sure gutters and downspouts are in good shape and unblocked by ice, leaves and other debris.

I had ice damming a few years ago at one of my revenue properties. I was grateful that I caught it early. Speaking from personal experience when I say this can cost home owners thousands of dollars in repairs if not caught early. With the severe change in weather from extreme colds to plus temperatures we have been having home owners need to ensure that they are checking for ice damming regularly.

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