In a significant step towards addressing housing affordability and stimulating the construction industry, the Government of Saskatchewan has unveiled two new programs: the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Rebate for New Home Construction and the Secondary Suite Incentive (SSI) grant program. These initiatives promise substantial cost savings for homeowners and are expected to invigorate the housing market across the province. Lets explore Saskatchewan Programs To Make Housing More Affordable.

The PST Rebate for New Home Construction
Understanding the importance of homeownership in wealth accumulation, Saskatchewan has introduced the PST Rebate for New Home Construction. This program offers up to 42% rebate on the PST paid for newly constructed homes. Applicable for contracts signed or new housing starts after April 1, 2023, the rebate is a boon for prospective homeowners. Homes priced below $550,000 (excluding land and certain other costs) are eligible, with the rebate percentage sliding for homes in the $450,000 to $550,000 range. Homeowners must occupy these new homes by April 1, 2026, and submit rebate applications by March 31, 2027.

The Secondary Suite Incentive Grant Program
The SSI grant program, another innovative measure, aims to encourage homeowners to construct secondary suites in their primary residences. Offering a grant covering 35% of the construction cost (up to $35,000), this program is designed to alleviate mortgage burdens for homeowners while providing affordable rental options. The qualifying suite, whether it be a basement, garden, laneway, or garage suite, must include essential amenities and comply with all relevant bylaws and standards.

Saskatchewan Programs To Make Housing More Affordable: Combined Impact and Benefits
Together, these programs can offer qualifying homeowners up to $46,340 in savings, marking a significant step towards making housing more affordable in Saskatchewan. The PST rebate eases the financial burden of buying new homes. At the same time, the SSI grant facilitates the creation of rental units, addressing the dual issues of housing affordability and rental availability.

The Broader Economic and Social Context
The Government of Saskatchewan recognizes the challenges of the current economic climate and the need for targeted measures to support homeownership. By helping homeowners and promoting construction, these programs not only bolster individual financial security but also contribute to the broader economic health of the province.

Eligibility and Application Process
Interested homeowners should note that while the rebate program is already in effect, the SSI program will open for applications in January 2024, with more information to provide. Both programs ‘ eligibility criteria and application details are available on their respective web pages.

Saskatchewan’s introduction of the PST Rebate for New Home Construction and the Secondary Suite Incentive grant program is a commendable effort to ensure housing affordability and stimulate the construction industry. By supporting homeowners and renters alike, these programs are expected to substantially impact Saskatchewan’s housing market and serve as a model for other regions grappling with similar challenges.

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Source: For more detailed information on the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Rebate for New Home Construction and the Secondary Suite Incentive (SSI) grant program, including eligibility criteria and application processes, please visit the official Government of Saskatchewan news release.